Joseph Aaron is part of an elite group of artists changing the face of The Third Coast. “This city is at a simmer; culturally, technologically, and artistically. Nashville is more than just a citadel for country music, it’s growing and changing fast. It’s welcoming art and artists of all types and genres, who are in turn redefining what the city is all about,” Aaron says of his new home.  

Aaron's mother first taught him to play music on an old Winter upright family piano at a young age. Raised in the shadows of a now defunct Virginian textile town, Aaron was immersed in a world of artists that told stories -- from folk heroes like James Taylor and Jim Croce, to the rock legend Lynyrd Skynyrd, to the soul of Ray Charles. He carries the tradition of story with him today, while showcasing a style that is markedly different than his roots.

The new Nashville-native came out swinging with his debut EP: The Mountain, The Lion, and The Labrador. You heard the nuance of Aaron’s influences:  'Alleluia' lends its blues prowess to Billy Powell and smooth delivery to Ray Charles and Bill Withers. 'Sometime After Midnight' reveals an eclectic radio hit with the passion of U2 and Coldplay, while the blue-eyed hope of 'You Have My Attention' reflects the emotional prescience of Damien Rice. Aaron’s songwriting and performance weave a rich musical tale, but often his piano becomes the storyteller -- sometimes whispering, sometimes wailing, but always gripping.

Look for Joseph Aaron's upcoming EP to be released in early summer. For more info and special content, sign up for his mailing list here.



'The illegitimate son of Billy Joel and Elton John.'

- The Hook

'With a seat at the piano and his heart on his sleeve, he puts music to this inner voice with passionate results.'

- Cville Weekly

With a genuine personality that can light up a room, Joseph’s unique artistry and passion for playing piano with his signature pop/rock/blues vibe make him an artist you will want to keep your eyes and ears open for. With his clear vision for the type of music he wants to share with the world, Joseph truly has something special as an artist.

-Shine On Music City